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ED4S is a mission driven, impact first, for profit organization based in Montreal, Canada.

Our Mission

Helping to create a world where business sustainability awareness and alignment enables systems level change.

We are delivering on our mission by empowering organizations to achieve their sustainability goals by providing  innovative, adaptive, and scalable employee training and contributing to the organizational capacity building.



We are committed to measuring, reducing, and offsetting our carbon footprint (scope 1 & 2) as of 2023


We actively strive for diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, and continuous learning and skill-sharing

giving back

We volunteer our time to help other mission driven organizations and individuals


Being mindful of our suppliers and partners, we prioritize local businesses that are embracing sustainable practices



Ed4S began as a passion project, when the founder, Maria Maisuradze having assisted the PRI Quebec conference saw a pressing need to create a systemic approach to education on ESG and Sustainable Finance topics and drive conversation beyond ESG 101.

The potential to create solutions that allow anyone to get educated on sustainability topics was the main driver. Excellent student feedback for our first course ESG & Sustainable Investing 101 and appetite for similar courses has transformed a project and resulted in creation of Ed4S.

Our Why

At Ed4S Academy, we believe that time and knowledge are two of the most valuable assets that each one of us owns. Scarcity of time and abundance of knowledge available through the internet creates a need for high quality and efficient way to learn.

The ever-evolving nature of the sustainability subjects make it difficult for educational institutions to adopt and adapt ESG concepts. Meanwhile, there is an increasing demand for professionals who are educated on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in the business world.

Our Team

We are a team of passionate individuals with expertise in multiple backgrounds including sustainability, education, finance, and videography.

We leverage on the best research out there and subject matter experts to create short  ESG courses that empower people to work together on sustainability initiatives.

We work with industry experts to review content that we create in order to offer quality education that is also affordable to everyone.

Maria Maisuradze, CFA

Maria Maisuradze,

Founder and Course Architect

Maria has over 12 years of experience in the investment and corporate finance field.  Since 2018, she has been working in ESG and Impact investing field and has contributed to multiple sustainability initiatives.
Throughout her career she led multi-stakeholder projects and  developed training programs for corporate and non-for-profit organizations. 
Maria is a CFA charterholder and SASB - FSA Credential Holder.

Matt Orsagh

Matt Orsagh, CFA

Chief Content Officer

Matt is a seasoned finance and sustainability professional with over a decade of experience in promoting responsible investment practices in the financial industry. In his previous role as a director of capital markets policy at CFA Institute, he led advocacy efforts to promote the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision-making. With a Master's degree in environmental management and sustainability from Harvard University, Matt is a recognized thought leader in sustainable finance.

Emmanuel N'Dri

Emmanuel N'Dri

ESG Analyst

Emmanuel is a skilled sustainable finance professional with expertise in financial analysis, data analysis, climate modeling, and risk management. He holds a masters degree in Sustainable Finance from HEC Montreal and has over three years of experience driving growth and achieving business objectives. In the past he has led and operationalized multi-stakeholder sustainability projects. Emmanuel brings his research and analytical skills to Ed4S which enables him to curate ESG information and contribute to our content development.

James Atfield

James Atfield, FSA

ESG Researcher

James has 10 years of experience across a range of roles within the finance sector ranging from accounting, project management, operations and relationship management. He has experience managing teams across multiple locations, has strong stakeholder engagement skills. James is a FSA Credential holder and has successfully complete CFA Institute's ESG Investing program.

Valeri Nogaideli

Valeri Nogaideli

Video Creator

Valeri brings our sustainability training to live. He is an architect by training with over 8 years of professional experience in design. He masters various video creation and editing software tools, constantly striving for perfection he takes our video courses to the next level.

Robert Rankin

Robert Rankin


Rob is our voice talent with years of experience creating professional, natural, warm and inspiring voice recording and post-production. He has worked with companies such as  Bamboo Capital Group, Prudential Insurance, Honda.


Sonya Santolin

Advisor, Governance

Sonya is a corporate responsibility and governance expert with legal and ESG experience. Her multidisciplinary background helps us think systemically during our strategy development and ensure a good governance during the execution. Her passion is helping businesses become better citizens. 

Lucie Bourgeois

Lucie Bourgeois

Advisor, Strategy

Lucie brings more than 20 years of executive leadership in large multinationals across Canada and internationally in the areas of strategic planning, change management, human resources and corporate social responsibility (CSR). She has led multiple wide-scale global transformations within the Information Technology, Telecommunications, Insurance and Health industry.

Andrea Danielle Wong

Andrea Danielle Wong

Advisor, Communications

Andrea is driven corporate and financial communications strategist with extensive experience in developing and executing strategies for announcing financial results, managing organizational change, M&A, and investor relations that deliver against business objectives.



Nawar Alsaadi, FSA, SIPC

Shareholder Engagement
ESG Integration
Portfolio Management


Clarisse Simonek, CFA

ESG Integration
Capital Markets
Climate Finance


Sonya Santolin

Corporate Governance
Climate Leadership
Responsible Banking



Dr. Tom Herbstein

Climate Risk
Climate Modeling



Stephen Kibsey

Sustainable Investing
Corporate Sustainability
Mining Sector


Ana Lucas

ESG in Banking
Risk Management
Corporate Sustainability



Matt Orsagh, CFA

ESG Integration
Climate Finance



Tamara Close, CFA

Capital Markets
ESG Integration
Private Debt


Partners & Collaborators

Partners and Collaborators

Our Clients

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