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Elevate Your Sustainability Impact

At ED4S, we're revolutionizing the way organizations approach sustainability, starting by enhancing the proficiency of your employees and stakeholders. Our mission is to make your sustainability efforts more impactful, your strategies more innovative, and your achievements more remarkable. 


Our mission

Transforming businesses for a sustainable future

Our mission is to bridge the sustainability knowledge gap in corporations by equipping their workforce with the skills needed for driving meaningful and sustainable economic change. 

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Our story

A journey towards enlightening corporate

ED4S was born from a vision. Our founder, Maria Maisuradze, sparked the idea after contributing to the PRI Quebec Conference in 2019, where she noticed a critical gap in sustainability education. Seeing the need for a systemic approach to sustainability training, Maria was motivated to take action. Her goal: to democratize access to sustainability knowledge, making it accessible for all. The journey began with our flagship course, ESG & Sustainable Investing 101, which quickly garnered outstanding feedback and revealed a strong demand from financial institutions. This initial success transformed ED4S from a mere passion project into a thriving mission-focused organization, dedicated to closing the sustainability knowledge gap within the workforce of companies worldwide. 

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Montreal, Canada

Meet the team

Fulfilling our purpose through mastery  

We are a diverse group of visionaries from fields as varied as education, investing, stewardship, innovation, fintech, portfolio management, policy engagement, research, storytelling, instructional design, technology, and videography. United in our mission to forge a sustainable world, and serve our clients, our collective expertise fuels groundbreaking solutions and transformative strategies, propelling us toward a brighter future for all. 


Join the expert network.

Partnering with ED4S

Calling all sustainability advocates, leaders, and change makers. If you’re committed to global sustainability capacity-building work, we would like to hear from you, and explore how to create synergies that will elevate collective intelligence around some of the biggest challenges of our time.

Our values

Living our values in every action, every interaction 
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Maximizing our impact

We are deeply committed to enhancing the effectiveness of our solutions by first acknowledging our clients' needs and then, ensuring that our services are specifically tailored for maximum impact. 


Foundation of confidence

Trust is our cornerstone, establishing us as a dependable, long-term ally for our entire ecosystem. 

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Elevating client experience

We are driven by the aspiration to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional results, consistently exceeding client expectations.


Adaptive excellence

Our agility ensures that we are always in sync with market changes, enabling us to improve our solutions to meet emerging needs. 


Collaborative innovation

We embrace cocreation and partnership, working closely with clients and partners to design training experiences that are both inclusive and transformational. 


Precision in every moment

We meticulously design our solutions so that our learners benefit from impactful and meaningful training time.

Our commitments


We are committed to measuring, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint (scope 1 & 2) as of 2023 


We actively strive for diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, continuous learning and skill-sharing


We volunteer our time to help other mission driven organizations and individuals


Being mindful of our suppliers and partners, we prioritize local businesses that embrace sustainable practices

Why choose ED4S
Skill assessments, course library, learning paths and analytics.
High quality content tailored to each specific industry and role.   
Save over $ 50,000 per year on average.
Have complete access anytime, anywhere, from almost any device.
We offer continuous training of sustainability skills for professionals.
Over 40 years of experience in sustainability, finance, and corporate governance. 


ED4S is accredited by The CPD Standards Office. This accreditation demonstrates high-quality training content, as it signifies our adherence to rigorous continuing professional development standards and best practices. This certification ensures that the training not only meets educational excellence benchmarks but also delivers relevant practical knowledge that professionals can apply in their careers, thus underscoring the quality and effectiveness of the content.


Platform Security

ED4S Learning development platform is built on a strong foundation of security and privacy. 

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In The News

Sustainable Finance Summit in Montreal

Our CEO Maria Maisuradze, will be present on 14-15 May representing our powerful partnership with Finance Montréal dedicated for upskilling the financial sector. and Investment Executive

Secret shopper campaign report was featured on these prestigious magazines. Read the article on and Investment Executive.

Navigating the Sustainability Wave

ED4S released its report revealing a concerning gap in the readiness of financial advisors to cater to this demand. Download the report.

Championing Women Award

Our CEO, Maria Maisuradze is the winner of the JFD Canada entrepreneurship award under the high patronage of the president of the French Republic. 

Panelling at the ISSB Symposium

Our Chief Advisor, Nawar Alsaadi presented a session on Integrating Sustainability data into investment process at the ISSB’s Symposium. 

Harvard Law School Forum of Corporate Governance

Our Chief Content Officer, Matt Orsagh wrote an article for the Harvard Law School Forum of Corporate Governance on topic of degrowth. Read the Article  

Yahoo Finance: Sustainability Capacity Building in the Financial Sector 

Results of our market consultation, which led to the creation of the Whitepaper were featured in Yahoo. 

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