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Is sustainability training part of your organizational goals this year?

We are here to help.

Empower your organization with sustainability training that aligns with your goals without the hassle of in-house development or the complexities of constant updates. Choose our turn-key solutions to accelerate the implementation of custom, purpose-built training for your employees and stakeholders.  
Benefit from our:

Proven Success: Tailored deployment of our solutions across global workforces for top asset managers, banks, insurers, and NGOs. 

Effortless Updates: Access to ongoing content updates and annual market insights, ensuring your team stays informed. 

Trusted Resources: Content built upon the research and publications from leading entities like the CFA Institute, PRI, UNEP FI, ISSB, HBR, and more. 

Flexible Learning: Customizable training options designed to optimize your learning journey according to your team's expertise and priorities. 


Customer Stories

Office Building

Global asset manager

Client: A leading US asset manager and insurer, with over $700 billion in assets under management (AUM) and a global workforce of 16,000 employees. 

Use Case: Through the integration of ED4S Sustainable Investing Essentials and Advanced modules, this powerhouse swiftly upskilled its entire workforce. By customizing the curriculum with their own material, they seized the opportunity to deepen employee understanding of the company's core philosophy, sustainability efforts, and unique offerings, effectively aligning team expertise with strategic objectives in sustainable investing. 


Community bank

Client: North America's premier community bank, employing over 55,000 staff members. 

Use Case: Opting out of a year-long in-house development of sustainability training, this banking leader rapidly deployed a comprehensive training program across its business lending division, in both English and French. The initiative featured three meticulously designed modules, all of which garnered exceptional feedback from employees, marking a significant leap in internal sustainability education and engagement. 

Conference meeting or a training session with 20 people in the room.jpg

Insurance company

Client: The UK branch of a global general insurance giant.  

Use Case: This visionary client swiftly implemented a bespoke, hybrid training program for its multidisciplinary ESG task force. The comprehensive curriculum blended live virtual sessions on corporate sustainability and sustainable insurance with e-learning and assessments in sustainable investing. Thus equipping their team with the knowledge and tools to lead in the ESG space. 

Trusted by companies

Solutions used by our clients:

Initiation to Sustainable Finance

(company-wide level setting and onboarding) 

Sustainable Investing

(for investment and client facing teams) 

Sustainable Lending

(for business lending teams) 

SASB Standards

(for investing, lending and management teams) 

Impact Investing

(portfolio managers, product design, impact analysts)

Active Ownership

(for sustainability and investment stewardship teams)

Impact Investing

(general education on ESG, Materiality, Climate change, Natural Capital, Net Zero, Sustainability Reporting, etc.) 

Sustainability is not a "nice to have." Sustainability is a must have.

What empirical research says about sustainability and business performance:

Better financial performance

"Sustainability strategies implemented at the corporate level can drive better financial performance through meditating factors - i.e. the sustainability drivers of better financial performance such as more innovation, higher operational efficiency, better risk management."

NYU Stern

Enhanced shareholder value

"We find that firms with good performance on material sustainability issues significantly outperform firms with poor performance on these issues, suggesting that investments in sustainability issues are shareholder-value enhancing."

Harvard Business School

Better talent retention

"71% of employees and job seekers said that environmentally sustainable companies are "more attractive employers." More than two thirds of respondents also said they are more likely to apply for and accept jobs with environmentally and socially responsible organizations."

IBM Sustainability Institute

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I ensure your content meets our training needs?

After a free initial consultation, we grant you access to preview preselected content, allowing you and your team to assess if it corresponds to your training objectives. 


Why add sustainability training to our already mandatory training programs? 

Sustainability knowledge is crucial to mitigate reputational risks, especially for organizations committed to Net Zero or PRI initiatives. It establishes a common understanding and can motivate employees to contribute actively to your sustainability strategy. 


Our organization has a robust learning design team. How can your solutions benefit us? 

Even organizations with dedicated education teams find value in our content for its time-saving benefits and immediate deployment capability. Thus, freeing up your sustainability leaders to focus on strategic initiatives rather than content development. 


Can we integrate your training solutions with our Learning Management System (LMS)? 

Absolutely. We regularly deliver our training for integration with major LMS platforms (like Workday, SAP, Oracle), ensuring seamless deployment within your existing systems. 


What if we don't have a Learning Management System (LMS) or learning management team? 

 We offer white-label private course hosting for organizations without an LMS, supporting up to 200 individuals per year. This includes enrollment management, progress tracking, certification, and technical support. 


What does your pricing model look like?

Our pricing depends on the hosting method and your organization's size, starting at $7 per employee, per year for content licensing, and $5000 per year for private course hosting. For a detailed estimate, please contact us at


How does your sustainability training solution stand out from others? 

Our unique edge lies in combining our sustainable finance expertise with learning and development powers. Our team boasts over 40 years of hands-on experience in finance and sustainability, providing us with a nuanced understanding of sustainable finance's complexities and its dynamic nature. We craft role and industry-specific training, incorporating your company's unique content for a more tailored experience. Our training is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring consistency in terminology and grounding our approach in leading research to deliver truly effective learning solutions. 

Sustainability capacity building

Learn what global financial institutions are doing around sustainability capacity building. Download our whitepaper report and reach out to us if you would like to gain additional insight on our market consultation.  

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