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Discover opportunities to gain hands on experience in

Sustainable Finance

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Impaakt is an innovative startup based in Geneva, Switzerland seeking freelance analysts who are motivated to do good for the planet and society. 
This is an interesting opportunity to apply what you have learned in our courses and gain professional experience.


Impaakt is seeking Freelance Analysts who are motivated to do good for the planet and society. 
In order to become Impaakt's freelance Impact Analysts, you are required to successfully obtain their training certification and learn how to effectively write impact analyses. 
You can sign up for the Certified Impact Analyst Training here:
Once you are a certified,  you will be able to contribute to the research and analysis on pressing issues that affect our society and the environment today.
Each analysis that is published by Impaakt will be rewarded €30. 
Propel Impact logo
Propel Impact is a central hub for any youth who wants to work in the fields of social innovation or impact investing in Canada, while offering support through projects and investments to impact-driven organizations across the country.


Propel Impact Consulting Fellowship Program

Learn the principles of social innovation and work on projects for impact-driven organizations.

Duration:  One year
Eligibility:  People based in Canada aged 18-30
Applications:  Spring 




Propel Impact Investing Fellowship 

Co-manage a community finance fund. Turn real investments into meaningful impact.

Duration:  Two year
Eligibility:  Undergraduate students based in Canada
Applications:  Spring 


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