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SASB Accounting Standards


Introductory course based on Sustainability Accounting Standard Board's framework &

Length: 1 hour videos, tests, reading

Format: on-demand video lectures, quizzes

Price: 75.00$ USD

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Certificate: Upon completion

Learning Outcomes

Discover the evolution of the Sustainability Accounting Standards

Creation of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and application of standards and metrics in business and financial valuation practices.

Understand the standard-setting process 

SASB has developed 77 industry specific standards using a rigorous process; applying research, consultation and evidence checking.

Learn about Sustainable Classification System® and Materiality Map®

Availability of multiple tools developed by SASB facilitates navigation and incorporation of topics.

Application of the SASB standards

Application of standards consists of identification of material issues, data collection, normalization and interpretation.

Connect sustainability metrics with financial drivers

Each sustainability issue identified by SASB is linked to one or several financial drivers.

Discover FSA accreditation

SASB has developed Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting accreditation that could be a path for you to continue studying on this topics.

SASB certificate of completion


Maria Maisuradze, CFA, FSA Credential Holder

Maria has worked in the investments and corporate finance industry for over a decade. She started her specialization in Sustainable Finance and ESG topics in 2018 through Impact Investing field and is now fully dedicated to education and collaboration in the sustainable finance space.


Maria holds a bachelor of Finance from John Molson School of Business, she is a CFA charterholder, and holds the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) Credential of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Maria is also a Co-Creator and a Manager of Sustainability Ecosystem housed at Concordia University where she creates deep-dive training sessions on ESG topics. She is also a member of CFA Montreal’s ESG committee and SASB Quebec Working Group.

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